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I'm entertaining a few options for better gearing in mine. Thinking a 9" f/r so I can run 6.50:1 gears and get my hi range back. I would do a cheap home built front with ifs shafts to convert to Toyota cv's.

If I could find another set of 5.62 track kick gears I'd try them, but those have disappeared. Toyota 5.71's don't scare me with the no horse power but they aren't exactly as low as I'd like to go, and I have this thing about Toyota stuff.

The best samurai build I ever had, had a 16V swap, 4.16 t-case (1.509 hi range) and 4.30 diff gears. That put high range gearing at 6.48 running on 32's. It was just about perfect on and off road. 9"s have about any gear ratio you could conceive of. Still debating over cost versus time involved. I have the perfect disc braked 9" rear that would be a fairly easy swap. The front diff would take some effort. I don't know if I could pull off the Hagan mod with the calmini A arms, the poly bushings don't misalign quite like the rubber factory ones.
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