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New to me 1958 Wagon, basically unmolested.

Just so its said, I've been reading threads and searching for days now on this forum and others.. Can't find the answer I'm looking for. I've got a 1958 Wagon, previous owner started restoration, has a few spares, its pretty solid. 226 Super hurricane engine is rebuilt. Don't thing the transmission and transfer case have been gone through yet.

I'm keeping this mostly stock for at least a few years. When the cab is too badly rusted on my 1978 GMC 2500 I may use that rolling chassis after shortening it to fit. (A and B pillar rust issues), this already has 4" lift and everything.

I'd like a modest 2" lift for tire clearance (On the Willys chassis), I'm not offroading, not putting HUGE tires on this, what springs fit with a minimum of work, apparently I see these went out of production except for stock replacements. Are there any that basically bolt on that are suggested? I can do basic fabricating but rather not hack this up any more than I have to as its pretty good shape and all there in case I keep it mostly original. At least that's my current plans, they may change.
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