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I looked into buying set of the auzy gears and the import tax is about $1,000 bucks. So it's over 2,000 bucks to get two r&p's into the country. If it was the exact ratio I thought I needed I would do it. Rockrat4x4 was trying to get to be a dealer and I committed to buying 2 vehicles worth, but he need 100 sets sold to make it work. There just wasn't enough people wanting them.

I enjoy doing custom stuff. I would like to have mine in the 4 to 5 inch lift range and on 32's or 33's with no body lift. The rear would fit pretty good at that height. I think I'd have to cut and rebuild the front lower cross member to get a 9" up front. But I'd like to move the front end forward any way. This is all musings right now, I'm trying to sell my house and move so I gotta wait a bit to get back on it. I finished off destroying my big jeep at KOH so the tracker is my only entertainment left for the year.
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