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Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
Checking in

Got the wife a '15 2.7 right after Xmas. Had 25k when we got it and are already up to 31k. Google says the factory oil monitor is really good and to just change it when it tells you too, what does pbb say?

I normally change my own oil, but this is my first vehicle under warranty. I've heard there is a risk of denied warranty work if you change your oil yourself, any truth to this?
No truth to that at all. Just keep good details, receipts for oil and filters and mileage.

I've been driving my 2011 3.5 for almost 6 years. Been a wicked truck. But would never go over 5K miles on an oil change.

They run hot with turbos and are known to have a lot of fuel blow by into the oil.

Never heard nothing much bad with the 2.7s other than bad factory heads and the oil pans leaking due to being plastic and having crap sealing surfaces.

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