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Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
Ya, I guess I saw vitara and thought it would be good to go. So much stuff interchanges that you would think it would work. Yet, obviously, many things are different.

The locker I have is from trail tough, it looks like the modified a Sami lockrite to fit in a tracker carrier. It had a core charge and came already in a carrier. Will this swap out the air actuated deal? Or do I need an entire different 3rd?

OK, Ill keep it in mind, thank you. I do have 2 good used factory cv's, 1 new cv, 2 complete hubs and 1 drive flange to go with the kit.

I really wanted a smaller 2 door or possibly a Sami. So I may hang onto it incase I decide to drop this drive train into an older rig.

If you have a carrier and locker ready, it will all drop right in. Only the carrier is different in there so you are still golden there. Just plug the hole for the air line on the outside of the diff with a vac plug or something once done.

He would take it all and says heís game. Just let me know! First gen would be much easier to swap in lol.

Really the only swappable parts are the big things like engine, trans, tcase (up to 03 when trans output changed), thirds/gears, front diff and possibly driveshaft parts. Front arms, struts, cv axles, knuckles, spindles, rear links, springs, steering, and lots of other stuff are all different. Iíve basically gone all custom at this point cause there wasnít enough upgraded parts for me and RCV didnít want to work with me on upgraded axle shafts or cv axles
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