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Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
OK, let me think about it for a bit. I'm not sure how else I will be able to make these 32s fit with out pushing the tire forward.

Here's an idea, why don't you just sell me all of your diff mounts?
sadly they have been spoken for already along with my front diff. dont forget the custom bushings .

You can always do the frame chop. that lets you gain lift you want as well as firewall clearance. how i did mine. keeps CV angles nice, lots of tire clearance, and gains lift. you will have to redo engine mounts (easy as the brackets unbolt from the frame, just weld them where you want them after moving the frame), steering (they use a jacked up retarded 2 joint setup. i clearanced mine for more angle and moved one way up the steering shaft), radiator mount (just cut and reweld), brake lines, and front driveshaft.

otherwise you can see if Alter Ego will sell you just the front arms for a GV. they move the tire forward 1.5" iirc
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