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Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
No worries, I figured, it was worth a shot though

I'm not afraid of custom fab like you did, my 4runner has custom built frame sections at both ends. It's just not the what I had in mind for this thing.

Altered ego will sell me the arms, for around $600.

I may just tackle the modded diff mounts like you did, it doesn't look that bad. I don't want to be popping the Honda civic cv shafts every time out.
thats not bad. it will just come down to cost vs your time. if i were you, i would do it. shift the diff to the driverside about 1/2" to 3/4" and you MIGHT get away without needing to run a spacer. if not, both sides might need a little 1/4" one but that again will need to be made/machined. i moved mine too much so the driver side so the pass side got the whole spacer. i blew way too many CV axles. the kit was sitting around so i made it work till i got the new front end done. Lets me keep wheelin.

i hacked up the stock diff mounts and plated the hell out of them. i dont know how long they will last since they are cast. attempted to make first gen mounts work but it would have been more work.

on second thought. if you do the hagen mod, the pass side will bolt in without issue and you may be able to just use a t100 axle on the driver side, worse case just add a spacer to make the difference for the stock pick up axle. either way, diff mounts need a major rework.
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