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Originally Posted by jr4x View Post
With the 32's I guess you might have a legitimate concern. I haven't lost one yet knock on wood.

Quick back story. In 2014 when I built the green 2wd one, I had the front end from a rolled 95 4 door which are 22 spline in the diff. So I bought my TT locker for that. My CV boots were torn and joints sloppy so I bought two new shafts from rock auto and sent the others back as cores. I put drive flanges like off your vitara on it and beat the piss out of it till I gave up on the 8V engine.

Then in 2016 when I built the 4 door to replace it, I swapped those same shafts and locked front diff into it. I'm really hard on this thing and the entire time I've been bashing on it I've worried about 3 things. The aluminum diff breaking, CV shafts breaking, or both. I've crawled it in rocks and had it on the rev limiter in sand and mud with those aggressive tires. I do have to keep a constant eye on the bolts that hold the front diff to the drop brackets. But it's still the 22 spline stuff from the older car. They might do better than you think.

Lastly, isn't the gen 1 diff narrower than the gen 2?
the spline count isnt the weak point, its the overall cv size thats weak. the stock CV's are the strongest but you crank teh wheel too hard and put the tire in a bind and BOOM, bye bye outer cv. ive blown up 4 stock CV's thus far. 2nd gens aint light though and 33x12.50's seem to scare CV's into breaking if you look at them wrong. go to a 31 and it seems to change but who the hell goes down in tire size! the sad part is ive seen guys wheel the piss out of stock CV's locked up front or not and they never break. i broke one just turning on rock in 4wd in moab. too much grip i guess.

no, 1st and 2nd gen diffs are the same. that is a fact i know 100%. the only thing different is the ring gear carrier and the spline count for CV's but that again varies on internal spider gears. locker and or spider gear change can fix that.

i honestly thought first gen control arms were the same between first and second gen rigs till a few weeks ago when my buddy tried to put first gen calimini arms on his second gen and they actually would move the tire back toward the firewall and the frame mounts are a hair narrower. i had a pair of new stamped steel first gen arms i planned to make for my LT kit but i bought the calimini arms from my buddy since they were already wider and heavier duty. Damn suzuki changing shit up.

Oh yotaatietoo, one other thing i though of, you may see if first gen spindles fit on second gen knuckles. if they do, no need for the custom bushing. i "think" they are the same but ive not tried bolting a pair up. i know the knuckles are for sure different so you cant swap the whole thing over.
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