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Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
Dang, I didn't realize they were 60" Wide, that's 2" wider than an ifs Toyota and 5" wider than a stock straight axle.

An Fj80 front axle is 63.5" and is a perfect width for 37s, I ran an ifs rear with 2" spacers and an Fj80 front on my old Sami and 4runner before the 60s. The width is great.

A lightweight rig with bulletproof axles works really well around here on serious crawling trails. Those axles with some 39" stickies under this rig would be a ton of fun.

Stay on track and build your ifs vitaratracker so I can copy all of your hard work figuring it out. Or just pay you to do the same to mine since I'm lazy.
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