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Originally Posted by sleepsontoilet View Post
I've had a few questions about my fix, so I figured I'd post a couple pics to help someone. Having just ripped a 3/4 heim in half I figured I would share what I learned this weekend. Trail Gear 3.5 9" housing using 05+ Superduty Cs and outers with stock Spicer 1550 shafts and a PSC 2.5x10 ram.

I ground the back side stops flush with the knuckle until I just had daylight between the caliper and shock. If you inboard the shock more, you could probably grind some more.

I ground about 1/2" off the lower steering arm of the JHF kit until there was barely daylight at full lock.

Are you not worried about too much steering angle now? I mean, those shafts are going to have a ton of stress at full lock from what it looks like. Did you measure the degree of steering you are getting?
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