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Originally Posted by Texas97 View Post
45 rattlesnakes? NO THANKS.

Burn the house down. Build new house with concrete foundation.

I know where this is and i know there is a bunch of snakes up there. its about 50-60 miles from where they have the annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater.

and still, i think i would rather contend with 45 regular diamondbacks under my house than 1 of those bastard Mojave Rattlesnakes moving into that west Texas area.

Need you some King Sneks, they eat Rattlers. We've got one on our property and we named him Elvis, and I hope he's also eating gophers and such.
Originally Posted by Mustard Dog
Me and my co driver were running across the Lakebed on our way to pre run when we saw :gary: walking his dog.

We didn't stop to say hi cause he's a fucking douchebag.
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