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I live in MT, we run our pellet stoves 7x24 from oct through march. Our main stove is a US stove I bought in 2007. I replaced the main fan twice, and the cosmetic back plate. I only replaced the fans because the bearings were starting to squeal, The whole fan assembly is $150 and takes 5 minutes or you can spend a few hours and just swap bearings. That's about 40 tons of pellets, so no complaints with the quality. I have a second stove downstairs I run when it's really cold, ~6-8 weeks I bought from Lowes (not sure of the brand).

The problem with stoves is trying to keep an even heat, then keeping it filled at 4:00 AM. Plus screw cutting 5-6 cords of wood every summer. Pellet stove I dump a bag once a day and done. Clean it out every couple weeks, it's nice.
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