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We just moved into our house out in the sticks last November. Its 1900 sq feet, 2 level, and it has a Harmon pellet stove. We had never used a pellet stove for heat, and I have to say I am very impressed with how well the pellet stove heats the home. We have been running it basically 24/7 since we moved in, and have gone through about 2 tons of pellets since November. In my limited experience, a pellet stove is the way to go. Hauling in and storing bags of pellets is much easier than stacking, and storing wood, and if you get a newer pellet stove most of them will have automatic igniters which will make starting up the stove a breeze. We have also found that the brand of pellet you buy makes a difference. We have been happy with Bear Mountain as they seem to burn hot and slow, making it so that we use less pellets but have the same amount of heat.
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