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My 3000sq ft ranbler had an Enduro pellet stove in it when we bought the house. It was the largest enduro unit (M55 sounds right) and would heat the house just fine. I used it for 2 years and went through 2 1/2 tons of premium pellets each year in MD. Kept the house at 68 pretty consistently but cost me $800 a year in pellets. This year I pulled it out, sold it for $2200 with about 28’ of liner, bought a 40year old large wood stove without the EPA shit they require now, lined the clay glue and have never been happier. The wood stove cost me $400+ $2000 in liner material and interior flue pipe. Since I did not by pellets this year I came out on top and will save money in the future. My heat pump sits about 10’ in front of my stove and where the pellet stove was so I was able to cut a large register into my return trunk line and run the HVAC fan 24/7 to move the heat. House now stays at 70 consistently with the wood stove shut all the way down unless it gets into the low teens outside.

Pellet stove was cleaner and easier but took electricity and cost money for pellets and service. Did not heat my house as well as the wood stove. From what I researched the Enduro M55 is top of the line pellets stove burning Lignetics premium pellets.

Wood stove is dirtier, a lot more work and more smoke in the house at times. But it heats much better, uses no electricity and cost nothing to maintain. Just sweep it every spring and good to go. I also have 3 sons and land to store wood so it’s a no brainer for me, wood stove all the way.
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