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Originally Posted by KarlVP View Post
I've had both.

I had a Lopi wood insert and it absolutely kicked ass. We had the blower on the bottom and it would get our house (1350 square ft) crazy warm. The wife didn't like chopping wood and keeping it fed.

So we switched to a Lopi Yankee Bay insert pellet stove. Once you find a brand of pellets that are low ash you will love it. I usually run 3/4 ton through the stove before I clean it out. Even on stupid cold days we never run it more than 1/2 throttle.

I really liked the wood stove cause we could cook on it when the power went out, but as they say, wood heats you twice.
For sure and wood stoves operate without electrickery, they last longer than 11 years, and if you get the right model, you can cook on them as well. You can also burn trash and anything combustible in them without having to purchase pellets.

If the power goes out, chuck some potatoes, steak, onions, and vegetables into aluminum foal, throw it on the coals, and you're good to go. Wood stoves are great if you live in an area where to pollution goons aren't harassing you.


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