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Originally Posted by Action Fab View Post
Yeah. I was daydreaming last night.

I would love to buy a full set and build one of my Tomahawks with a 4cyl TJ and leave everything stock. I have a thread somewhere on here about the theoretical use of these on stock Jeep 30/35 axles. You actually need the 27 spline boxes to do it.

I have way too much going on right now to devote the time. But I think I'll ear mark the project in my head for now. I definitely want to do something simple like this when I get my Juggy finished up. I have to finish my Tomahawk I already started first too.

I'm a perpetual project starter trying to be better about being a project finisher. Shut like this gets me in trouble though.
There was a crawl mag with a tj that was more or less stock with Volvo portals added. It would be cool too see one with stock axles and hummer boxes added on. You get the "lift" for ~37-39s, the gearing for crawling and the strength increase in the axles, all in one shot. The stupid high r&p that stock jeeps come with would even work well with the portals. When you look at it that way, the price doesn't look too bad.

The only problem is the cracker jack axle housings.

Im not a huge fan of jk's but it would be interesting to see this concept added to a stock one. Basically add lockers, portals and tires.

Heck, really any rig now that I think of it. ZJ/WJ or even a 3rd or 4th gen 4runner.

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