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Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
There was a crawl mag with a tj that was more or less stock with Volvo portals added. It would be cool too see one with stock axles and hummer boxes added on. You get the "lift" for ~37-39s, the gearing for crawling and the strength increase in the axles, all in one shot. The stupid high r&p that stock jeeps come with would even work well with the portals. When you look at it that way, the price doesn't look too bad.

The only problem is the cracker jack axle housings.

Im not a huge fan of jk's but it would be interesting to see this concept added to a stock one. Basically add lockers, portals and tires.

Heck, really any rig now that I think of it. ZJ/WJ or even a 3rd or 4th gen 4runner.
The big issue is having to flip the housings. You'd be building a trailer queen. The thing about doing this to my Tomahawk chassis is the sprung weight. My chassis are about 500-600lbs. The way I figure, you can just cut the factory front housing at 4" out from the center section, flip the diff and then use the Synergy sleeve kit to weld the housing back together. 4:11 is the factory 4cyl TJ ratio. No need for an SYE with the portals and flipped low pinion diffs. 27 spline stubs fit right into the portal boxes. You'd just have to get the U-joint lined up in the C/knuckle. I'm pretty sure JHF outers would work. Chopping down some long side front axles in the rear seemed like a solution that would work for a light weight, low power rig.

Everything about the project seems fun to me. I'm way more about trying odd ball light weight/small stuff out than I am about building won ton tanks.

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