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Originally Posted by Action Fab View Post
You probably don't know the principal behind my chassis. The idea is that you bolt everything from a XJ/ZJ/TJ into it and it makes a budget friendly, very small lightweight buggy. With the stock 61" wide axles, 35's and a 102" wheelbase, it's scaled down.

I don't understand why you'd need to switch the dana 30 to a 10bolt. These buggies already make dana 30's live with 35's and 37's without the reduction of portals and with the heavier/more powerful 4.0.

My whole goal with portals and the dana 30 was to prove they would live under hardcore use with big tires. Even though I've proven several times you don't need big tires for hardcore wheeling.

I definitely understand that I build unconventional stuff that most people think won't work.

For reference this is a Tomahawk on stock axles and 37's. There is plenty of room in the design to shove the axle up into the chassis a few more inches.
Flipping the axle and sleeving the tubed together doesn't sound very bolt in I was thinking to save a lot of work with flipping and changing the tube lengths being passenger side drop.

Would the bolt on portals work better, sure! H1 2 gear? Massive amounts of fuckery
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