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Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
Linking the rear wonít make your differential stronger. You will break it just the same with a linked rear end as a traction bar. Upgrade your shit!
My thinking is that it was the earth shaking axle hop that caused the issue.
An 8.8 with chromoly shafts is plenty strong to roast 37" rubber without all the up and down movement.

Either way there are a set of 60's getting crated and sent my way as I type this so my shit is for sure about to get upgraded....

Originally Posted by posford View Post
Should have just done tons
I have a set on the way and TBH I'm gonna miss the narrower stance once they're in. If I have the $$ I'd order up a set of 65" wms somethings from one of the manufacturers but I don't.

I may shorten my ford kp60 and matching rear 60 in the future if the full width look really rubs me the wrong way.
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