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I haven't even started on the panels yet. I have a fair amount of room with a 36' TT but I am unsure about shading from the A/C vent covers etc.
I know I have room for 4x 100w panels with no issues but in the rear I have room for two 300w panels as well I think.
I am really trying to lock down on the controls because they have the most options/choices/styles.
Combined with a Multiplus and a Winston 400ah battery I could potentially go off grid with limited A/C use and no generator or run a 1000w inverter gen alongside the Multiplus to run the a/c and still not be shore power bound.

That is a new prospect for me as I really never thought it possible off of solar alone but I am seeing now that is possible with the right equipment/install.

Side note, the used market for Victron equipment seems to do very well. You might be able to flip your gear and upgrade for a little out of cost.
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