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As part of hauling all of this stuff I had horse traded for a set of Goodyear Duratracs (265-75 16) that are pretty much new and a set of 16' 8 lug chrome second gen wheels with junk tires. As soon as i finished all of this up I got back to the shop, dismounted the junk tires, cleaned up the wheels, popped some new valve stems in, and mounted up the Duratracs. They look SWEET! I think the chrome wheels and more aggressive tires really work well on the truck and for not really shelling out any money I think they're perfect. I've also had Duratracs on multiple vehicles and absolutely love the performance I've gotten out of them, so all around I'm happy.

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After washing up the tires and the truck
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So after all this care for the truck the cheap chinese HEI module in the distributor conversion I did decided to take a dump. I swapped it out with an Accel performance HEI module and she runs better than ever. The wiring job isn't super pretty but with the space I had available it was the best I could do.
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Well....that didn't work
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