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Originally Posted by Dave In Florida View Post
Well, when it's a CCLB 4x4 with a P-pump cummins and some rust repair. Oh yeah, and the front axle is worth $1500 alone to some people, so there's that.
I know fully that I'd be keeping the totalled hulk for parts... plus whatever payout I can negotiate. Build another truck. I have to accept that eventuality.

Can't tow/haul with collector policy. (Not here anyways). Also not feasible to meet the "original and shiny" requirement..... so i'm out on both counts. It likely cannot be your primary (only) insured vehicle either.

One trick I picked up is its cheaper to insure an older passenger vehicle (E350 wagon, suburban, Bronco, etc) for towpig duty because there's no declared gvwr/gcwr attached to the policy.

JMHO, but insurance is a scam. Buy as little as possible (cover yourself against liability) and build your own emergency fund instead.
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