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Originally Posted by Broke_as_a_joke View Post
Keep in mind this is a stock for almost stock comparison but my last tow rig was a 4.10 geared 97 7.4/4l80e truck and my current tow rig is a 4.10 geared 8.1/nv4500 truck with an amateur tune job, I wouldn't even consider the the 7.4 for a swap if the 8.1 is an option, same mileage, significant power difference. That said I'm sure they both have broom sticks for cam shafts. Neither one use much oil at all.
Thanks for the input. The 8.1L is on the table.

Originally Posted by YotaAtieToo View Post
Mine as well throw the 3.5 eco boost in there
Oddly enough, I did some looking at them as an option. From what I saw, they were wide as hell thoughout the whole engine with the turbo; something like 28". Sadly, a bit too wide for an FJ55 frame The ~417 pound weight was interesting. I'm not sure I buy the ~21" height though.

I also noted a few longevity issues that concerned me. Not 100% off the table but not high on the list.

Originally Posted by PROJECTJUNKIE View Post
Man, if you're bored with an LS, you could do something else, but they work so well, are so freaking cheap, and you've already got them figured out. I'd like to see one with a turbo for towing.
I've got a bad reputation as an FJ55 LSx butcher... I'd rather not continue that route. Although stroking out a 6.0L to 408cc does seem interesting at times.

Originally Posted by PROJECTJUNKIE View Post
A 460 is a mule, are cheap, and often found with a zf5, if you're into 5 speeds. But iron heads, heavy, terrible on fuel, just not seeing it. A sequential efi swap with custom tune and mustang computer wake them up and save gas, but still not seeing the value.
Having just wrapped up a 'typical' tow trip, most of my time is in the hills. Think windy roads with very little 'real' freeway time. Mostly in the 40mph to 55mph. Somewhat funny but my 2000 S10 with small stock 4.3L just towed an FJ55 for about 180 miles on a whole tank... so about 11mpg

Originally Posted by PROJECTJUNKIE View Post
If you're looking for something different, consider a dodge v10. They pull like a train, are surprisingly compact, and found pretty cheap in a truck with a bad tranny.
I forget if I looked at the ford V10 or the dodge v10. I think the issue was related to the length being 34". I may go double check.

Originally Posted by PROJECTJUNKIE View Post
Whatever you build, I'll watch
Full engine/drivetrain swap is probably 2 years out while I finish some other items on other project(read: spend too much money). Lots of body, frame, and suspension work to do on this project before I get to the drivetrain(read: spend time with minimal cash)
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