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Originally Posted by JNHEscher View Post
Wasn't going to bother drawing the smaller DC components, but it's great to have them in the file for brainstorming and fitment checking. The bus bar and main DC load center are in the general vicinity of where I plan to mount them. Battery bank +'s directly to the C11000 bus, 2/0 pair headed to the Blue Sea 3116 breaker box to supply a 250 amp remote trip Midnite Solar breaker for each inverter, and hopefully a ganged DC breaker to match the 4/0 I plan to run up to the upstairs DC load center where all the smaller loads will distribute. Since there are six positions in the BS breaker box, I think I'll run a couple smaller breakers dedicated to the tool bay to keep the heavier gauge cables to a minimum in each conduit.

The cables between the battery banks and bus bar would be around 5' and there would be around another 3' total between the bus and each inverter. That's longer than I want to run. There's not much I can do to shorten the run, but I'll mess around with and think of something.
I apologize, I couldn't find where you talked about the inverter. Are you running the inverter on 48v or 24v?
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