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I had a long helpful reply, and I hit the wrong button or so.. and it went bye bye

those little pumps look like pieces of shit..

the questions are how often will you be pumping.. and for how long each time..

we have 2 wells at the ranch.. which is 997 acres.. and one is messed up.. so we have to bring water from a huge tank a mile or so away .. to a portable tank on a trailer by itself.. and up to the location of the broken well (where there is a sizeable tank)

we usually make 3 trips back and forth.. to fill the tank by the main houses.. and that takes a couple of hours..

flow speed becomes very important.. cuz our current pump is much bigger than those pumps you showed.. and has a much better flow rate..

I could talk a lot about pumps.. but I won't until I have a better understanding of what you actually need and or can afford..

unless your moving a lot more than us.. you would probably be happy after spending about 100 dollars on Amazon

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