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Originally Posted by Muckin_Slusher
Is the breaker a GFCI?

If so, it may be tripping because the well or sump water is grounded (leaked current can reach ground through the water) while the water in the bucket is insulated.

I'm seriously interested if you try your test once again, but this time ground the water in the bucket. You could "ground" the bucket water by simply sticking the end of a piece of copper wire in the bucket water and the other end in the water you're trying to pump. You could also submerge the end of a garden hose in the bucket water and leave the water flowing, which should ground the water in the bucket through the water in the hose.

A good multimeter could also probably see how much resistance your pump has between hot and the frame of the pump (or the ground prong since that pump looks plastic).

By the way with a centrifical pump like that, if the head pressure is greater than the pumps output, then the impeller will just spin in the water and actually draw less amps than if the pump was actually moving water. See this all the time at work, a pump with it's output choked by a closed valve will draw little amperage, but the open the valve and the amps spike.
Its tripping a gfci outlet, never had the issue before. Going to pick up another pump after work. I will try grounding the bucket water as well. There is a float sensor in the water but it was never a problem previously. It had previously tripped the gfci once when I dropped the cord in a pond and plugged it in wet

Lift height is probably about 3 feet currently so the cheapo pump should do it. There is a bypass on it that let's out whatever water wont flow through the hose. It was bypassing water in the bucket. The pump is 5 years old ...
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