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1a. Replace the GFCI outlet with a normal outlet. They don't like pumps. Might be old school thinking and not the same with some newer pumps, but I still stick with it and haven't had any issues.
1b. Stop buying Menard's pumps. My aunt and uncle were frivolous to say the least and would buy stuff like that (sump pump in this case) from Menard's, every year or two my cousin and I would be redoing the finished basement because the thing failed. Finally got them to buy a decent pump and haven't had an issue in nearly 10 years. I'm a fan of Rigid, but that's just my opinion.

2. Pump is only rated at 3.8A, so that should be good. Could still be a spike, but meh.

3. Anything else on that circuit?

The grounding is an interesting thought. But shouldn't all the zappy stuff be protected internally? Back to, could be a piece of shit pump.
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