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Used plywood to mock up a few different shackle lengths. iirc i settled on 9" C to C. The shackles clear the frame by 3/8" each side. I might add some UHMW for them to rub on. I will see how things look once its driving.
I was planning to french the front hanger but if i ever get Deavers or something im gonna go with a reverse eye so i couldn't french much anyways

Boxed frame with 1/8” and redid the crossmembers. I was debating using 3/16” but considering the frame is less than 1/8” in the thickest spots and even thinner on that part of the older boxed frames, it seemed overkill and way more work. Everything was cut my trusty angle grinder, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.
Everything is just temporary/tacked because i plan to have the whole frame sandblasted and then paint inside the C channel before i seal it up.
The rear part of factory fuel tank was held up by a strap, but that would have been a lot of work to duplicate so i sandwiched the rear flange like the earlier pickups. 1 bolt goes though the flange and the other is just there for clamping force.

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