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Originally Posted by CarterKaft View Post
I would think any sensor that could disable injection.
The 7.3 had a cam position sensor that would kill the engine, limp home is one thing but dead engine is no bueno. Has the FICM been upgraded?
Yeah I am not sure there are any like that on the 6.4. Fuel pressure maybe? FCIM is a completely different animal than a 7.3

I have a code reader to clear codes as needed.....

The wheels have rubbed on the back of the fender wells at certain turn angles. Bushwacker cut out flares remove about 2.5" of fender right there. After install I am not super sold on them, I may try to wrap them back to the grey color, but we will see. May just need to get dirty

Remove fender liner and OE over fenders and mark out cut.

Ruin perfectly good fender.

Beat back into fender ish shape (it all gets covered, dont worry!)

Hose liberally with black spray paint in your choice of brand flavor.

Test fit flare, find it needs massaging, massage, then drill a bunch more holes in an already ruined fender.

Now reinstall the fender liner per the Bushwacker instructions, "reinstall" They fail to mention that it wont fit since we just moved the back of the arch back 3", so bolt the front bits in place, since they fit then get out the leather gloves and plubming torch. Melt fender liner until you can convince it to get longer and kinda fit again.....

Now install the flare.

Much wider.

Now like I said, not sure I am sold, maybe its the black, or the size, but it makes the wheels look smaller (larger opening?) and the wheels are pretty tucked inside the fender now. (I like flush....) But being wider they may keep my mirrors cleaner which could be nice.
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