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Not much to report, but I did get the bed back from the painter.
And he did a top notch job, and loaded it down with paint at my request.
All finished, it was blasted, epoxy primed, and received 3 solid coats of top coat.

I told him to do it right, and just bill me. He certainly did, but the extra coin will be worth it in the long run Im sure. Nice candy coating on the steel now.

Also have been pulling various items together to start assembly.

SEM seam sealer for all the steel seams that were not fully welded.
SEM panel bond for the critical (structural) panel installation
SEM gun for both

Sika 252 for the remainder of the aluminum panels

Upol Acid #8 for priming the aluminum
And finally, a 4-pack of Upol Raptor liner.

I figure Ill need more than 4 jugs, but its a start to see just how far the stuff goes. Always difficult to judge.

Paint has had a few days to dry, so Ive already started the sand/prep for seam sealer. Load of hand sanding....

Also have to pick up all the aluminum Ill need. The fit-out will be a combination of thickness' and flat or diamond tread.

Kenny B.
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