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Originally Posted by JunkyTJ View Post
I am a sewer plant manager and a previous design engineer.

I can assure there were jobs to be done prior to these monstrosities. "Flushable wipes" are the primary thing that has changed in the last 10 years and those large clogs like that are a huge problem for utilities.

What those things represent are workers comp claims from strained backs, gouges with needles, and other issues that the utility has to pay for and pass along on your water/sewer bill.

Garbage disposals allow people to send shit down the sink that should go into the trash. It causes a shit ton more grease to come down the pipe. Plumbers love them because it keeps them employed clearing out service lines.
Originally Posted by Landslide View Post
Hard telling what people put down their garbage disposal but my bet is most all your clogging issues are from the nasty shit people flush down the toilet. Yeah, no shit? Iím surprised grease makes it that far to you, I figured it would jamb up the tubes in the house that it started from before making it to you. Again No shit?

I got a tank and then into a lagoon, no public sewer system here. I do have and use a garbage disposal. Iíve had no plumbing issues in the 20 years Iíve been here but Iím also not sending stupid shit down my drains either other then the nasty stinky :Garyís: I flush down my toilet.

I love that people think plumbers are so polite as to clean out those "household tubes" and store that in their truck and haul it off. Here's a hint: They send that shit right on down the line. Most of our FOG (fats oils and grease) comes from restaurants because it's larger scale. They have grease traps, but those have to be maintained. Our collection system guys are always in our heavy hispanic areas because their preferred foods are heavy in grease and it plugs the lines up and backs shit up into people's houses. That's not me guessing or betting, that's what actually happens. I hate posting pics on this site, so just google Fat wastewater plant. It's a real problem in our industry and it costs the rate payers money.

piss, shit, toilet paper. That's it.
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