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Originally Posted by CrustyJeep View Post
I've pretty much decided the garbage disposal on septic thing is nonsense. I mean, I'm sure you can over do it, but I put my larger amounts of food waste in the compost bin or in a bucket for my mom to use in her garden. I don't think I'd ever have a problem. I bought this place in '94 and finally had the tank pumped in 2008. The guy said it looked great and could have gone years longer

Edit: I should clarify: I don't have a garbage disposal, but it's on my list of will-haves when I get around to it. Fuck the septic tank.
My parents built their house around '94 and is on septic and have had a garbage disposal since the house was built and have never had it pumped.

I've cleaned their main sewer line once and it was grease/food/that gel stuff caught up with hair and some string.

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