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Originally Posted by ADChevy4x4 View Post
When construction was real slow for a few years I worked part time for a friend who owns a septic pumping business. He has four pumper trucks busy every day and installs new systems and does general excavating... I saw quite a few "never been pumped in 25 years" . The solids filled the tank and spilled over into the distribution and leach field..When the level is high the pipe from the house to the tank doesn't drain and clogs with stuff as you saw.The systems no longer functioned and the area was a soggy stinky mess....Now for some reason your parents don't have a problem,I have no idea why, I'm just saying what I saw many times...
level is not high and the stoppage was in the main under the house, about 90ft from the tank about 4ft high

for some reason my parents don't have a problem because the system works, it's aerobic

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