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Originally Posted by DavidVanVorous View Post
The irony is lost on the clueless here.

If the objective is to bring back the manufacturing jobs such as your tape measure assembled in the US from parts imported from Taiwan or France, the only jobs "temporarily" saved are low pay "trained monkey" $12/hr assembly jobs and low value support staff at Stanley...Which would be replaced as the facility got more robotically automated as time progressed.

The tarrifs you are supporting don't impact unassembled parts, only raw stock and finished goods. As such the only folks they hit are the US consumers via higher prices. They WONT open a steel mill that's been mothballed since the 60s nor will they add any skilled labor jobs except if you happen to be a techy and can work on the robotics and assembly lines to used to put together parts made and brought into the US from other countries avoiding the tariffs and labelled bogusly with a "Made in USA" sticker...

Tis the way corporate "Murica" works and how the companies get around stupid ideas like tariffs. The Japanese car makers taught US manufacturers real well on how to do this the last time the US pulled this stunt with tariffs...
As someone who was a "techy" for many manufacturing companies ALL over the USA, I can tell you, many companies have regressed on automation. Companies have found out that spending millions on one off prototype equipment to make what they produce, discovered even if you hire retards, you still have production because of less downtime on a specialized equipment that requires a tech from a company many states over.
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