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An 11" or 12" might be possible instead of the 10.5" Jeep clutch. They came in Dodges with the NV3500 and NV4500. Same input spline size and same throw out bearing. The flywheel will need to be re-drilled for the larger bolt pattern of the cover. Clearances in the bell housing will need to be verified.

Also the 10.95" diameter diaphram type clutch from a mid-late 70's SJ or J20 with the 360 or 401 will fit the 10.5" clutch bolt pattern and have the same 1-1/8"- 10 spline input. It gives a lot more surface area on the disc, same ID as the materiel on the 10.5" clutch disc, but 10.92" on the larger diameter. The cover will clear inside most bell housings, too. Maybe ask Centerforce about getting one.

These 10.95" "Scalloped" clutch sets were also used in '70 up Mopars, including Hemis so they hold up well. I found an old Mopar Direct Connection bulletin, section 2 cover's clutches:

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