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Originally Posted by DavidVanVorous View Post
The irony is lost on the clueless here.

If the objective is to bring back the manufacturing jobs such as your tape measure assembled in the US from parts imported from Taiwan or France, the only jobs "temporarily" saved are low pay "trained monkey" $12/hr assembly jobs and low value support staff at Stanley...Which would be replaced as the facility got more robotically automated as time progressed.

The tarrifs you are supporting don't impact unassembled parts, only raw stock and finished goods. As such the only folks they hit are the US consumers via higher prices. They WONT open a steel mill that's been mothballed since the 60s nor will they add any skilled labor jobs except if you happen to be a techy and can work on the robotics and assembly lines to used to put together parts made and brought into the US from other countries avoiding the tariffs and labelled bogusly with a "Made in USA" sticker...

Tis the way corporate "Murica" works and how the companies get around stupid ideas like tariffs. The Japanese car makers taught US manufacturers real well on how to do this the last time the US pulled this stunt with tariffs...
You seem to actually know something about what you talk about I don't agree with a big piece of it though. Bigger more complex goods, say automobiles we can all grasp. All I know is what I researched myself and accept as truth from the news we are all fed. The Hyundai plant in Alabama for example. Until just recently when the demand for sedans dropped and other forces, the plant ran 3 shifts 24/7. It went through a HUGE expansion modernization. Hundreds of millions of dollars in it. All here in the USA. Hyundai could have built anywhere. Mexico, Brazil, anywhere. All long before Trump came along. Some parts as you mention are unfinished, then finished at the plant. It may be con rods, cranks, but pistons, the blocks etc. All are either poured here USA as molten or finished, sized for final production here. And then then install/assembly. Lots of labor in that. We were taught, 1978, that a single manufacturing job creates residual downstream 4 support jobs. Banking, packaging, trucking etc. Probably not true 100% but you get the idea. None of this applies to something small and simple, the electric screwdriver for example. But I believe that the Trump Tariffs are not as useless or ineffective as you suggest. Wasn't it Volvo that squealed recently as they wouldn't be able to import cheap Chicom Volvos to the USA ? If the tarriffs are ineffective (in this one case as an example) then why would Volvo squeal ? That doesn't raise prices here, it stabilizes them and prevents erosion and undermining the existing prices and profits. Focusing on a simple tool is just that, small focus. Using autos, tell us more.
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