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Originally Posted by Thatg9659 View Post
I don't need any help beyond English and typing lessons. pills just zombie me out and doc's don't know shit about the brain for me to trust taking them. all those mass shooters? they were on pills, you want me on pills? lolololololol

Every problem I've ever had I could solve with work, all I find are jobs that don't pay shiut because i like to work, bosses want robots that follow instructions, don't think and clock in and out.

That flooded ammo shit forget it, It was all scrapped after testing a few rounds and threatening the boss, It was obtained legally with all the .gov permission slips signed and current.

I worked restaurant's for 15 years, factories, a pattern shop for foundries, distribution centers it's all the same old shit. driving a half legal box truck picking up brass from prisons and police training ranges, mining ranges for lead, working out of my 10x20 garage fixing coworkers cars just to pay rent. dragging scrap out of the creek and lake in town just to get food. eating free pizza from work 7 days a week so I wasn't hungry.

I don't deserve shit I can't Earn, I earn all I have good and bad, I don't want much but dirt is fuckin expensive, then I have to do as I'm allowed on it. Rent would be easy to pay if the gov wouldn't have set a minimum rent with their affordable housing bullshit. I was delivering pizza hustling my garage using 60% of my income just for rent, then hearing from the fuckstains in gov housing, " this the projects we got it bad you gotta tip us" they got it bad paying $20 bucks for 5 dollar worth of food only using 30% of there documented income for rent and utilities, so rough how do they manage. No shame I guess.

I've worked in 4 auto repair shops and its always the same old shit. I'm not formally trained but I started my training with broken toys, then bikes then stuff with engines. 14 years old I was swapping rad & water pump on a 88 olds delta 88 305 sbc. took me three times to get the gasket to set and not leak. Rufus (stepdad) drove that bitch for three years after. He could build anything out of wood paint anything so it would last forever. Put in 30 years at PH Glatfelter paper mill as a painter. His first wife never worked so she got half of everything! he retired living the good life with my mom and I on 1 3/4 acres in the country surrounded by farms and fields only 6 homes on a 2 mile road. after he divorced her he moved to a 12x50 trailer in a crowded park in town. I hated his view of me but I learned to respect the hell out of him later. Damn good man, even if we never saw eye to eye, he was too old fashioned and didn't understand my deficiencies. He sure saw to work them out of me. I spent better part of the first summer there hauling rocks in a bucket to fill a leach pit for the kitchen and laundry drain. 9 yrs old day in day out till the pile was gone and hole was filled.

"tired blood"
"you miserable son of a bitch" You married her!
"boy if you had brains you'd be dangerous"
Cussing like a sailor on the way to church, singing hymns in the pew, cussing on the way home
This life you have laid out here seems normal for me and I'm sure the majority of the folks on here.

What are your deficiencies?
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