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Originally Posted by Realsquash View Post
Fuck the haters man. Live your life before it's over.
Thank you.

I live everyday to the fullest. I have never went out of my way to hurt nobody.
If I can help them I can.
I am working for my wife's retirement.

She is building a 4 story apartment building in her hometown in the Philippines.
9 months out of the year it will be rented out to college girls on Floors 2 and 3 floor one is for the boys. the 4th floor is our Apartment.

Kubinka tank museum.

Some days they let you drive a tank. But On this day the activities were a little different.

There may or may not be photos of me with an AK-47. But there is no Video.

[QUOTE=ChevyGal;9752200]I personally think it's cool Janet Reno likes to wheel. :)[/QUOTE]
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