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Originally Posted by arse_sidewards View Post
Even in New England you still see lots of 80s and 90s stuff on the road. You'd never know if you spent all your time near the rich cities. Rich people don't drive old shit and they don't like seeing old shit so the landscaper buys a new truck too. When I was in the DC area I never saw old shit even though nothing rusts there.
I live in a normal area i guess you would call it, even when i lived in Lansing and spent a lot of time in Hammond Indiana i still never seen them in the last 10 years, i just figured everyone used them as plow trucks or off-road trucks which is what i did.

But i been all over Nashville yesterday and today and havent seen anything old other then like a 90s Grand Prix driven by some kids. Everyone has nice new boring plastic cars. We are going to pigeon forge area tomorrow and following some huge garage sale that is up and down a road maybe ill find some old junk then
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