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Originally Posted by Roc Doc View Post
I'm really starting to see that the Democrats are virtually (or literally if you wish), throwing shit on the wall to see what sticks. It's a huge ass amount of data to crunch to see which klown has the best chance, and I don't know how'd they get accurate data, especially after the 2016 polling disaster, but I'm sure there have been very high level discussions that they MUST win 2020 or the world will end. I think they got a very big wakeup call when they tried to force Hillary down our throats, not that their most popular candidate will be much if any better, but there is an outside chance that they can find a moderate candidate that will get all the D vote, well, because they vote like lemmings, and pick up the disillusioned R's/Trump voters.
No moderate has a chance in hell of making it through the primary. Trump has the middle and moderate votes sewn up...
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