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Originally Posted by rockdog57 View Post
Welp, I guess you donít know the shit show that went on when these systems failed? Thatís why people deleted them. And no, he knew it had a bigger exhaust on it. He isnít a gearhead. He looked for a low mile used Duramax for a year and a half. He isnít alone. There are thousands of guys in his shoes. I talked a teacher at my school into buying an 08 their old guy neighbor had. He literally would start it and drive it around the block once a month. He traded them in every four years and bought a new one. They bought it last year and low and behold. He had deleted it. Itís for sale now. The guy was an old geeser like me and had it deleted. There is a reason people did that. Boo Hoo!
One thing to note, even if the state didn't give a shit it was still illegal under federal law to delete the emissions equipment. Whether you agree with that law or not is irrelevant, you still can get zapped for deleting stuff.
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