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Originally Posted by kmkommes View Post
An initial $2,000 investment multiplied a bunch of times over a couple of days.
I have no loan on this jeep.

At the end of this week or next I might be broke again. I'm ok with that. My only debt is my mortgage and that's an easy payment.
Wow- that is one hell of a horrible strategy. If I made $42,000 in a few weeks, I sure as hell would not dump it all on a car.

Hell pull $10k for a down payment and let the other 32K keep making you $$$, pull as needed to make payments...

I thought everyone knew it takes money to make money- you just broke rule #1

---if you turned 2k into a 40k profit 20x in a few weeks, don't you think waiting two more weeks and turning 42K into $840,000 would have been a better move---
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