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Our oldest son (26) had a stroke two years ago. He doesn't have any physical side affects, but does have some psychological side affects. Memory loss, personality changes, depression, are the most obvious. He drank a lot before the stroke, but fell down a rabbit hole afterwards. He was drinking a lot thinking he was battling his depression, but we all know how that works. He would get to the point that he'd have to be carried out of bars, driven home, and carried into his house. Some of his friends quit calling him to hang out because they were sick of babysitting him. He's never come out and said, but we assume he was drinking to almost blackout drunk every night. I've been trying to get him to quit, or at the very least make an attempt to cut back, with no luck.

Back up to about two months ago, he has bad stomach pain for a few days and finally goes to the dr. Long story short, his tests show that he's having liver issues. The dr tells him he has to quit drinking, or his liver is going to fail. That flips a switch in his brain, and he decides to quit cold turkey.

Now, keep in mind, we live in a very drinking driven rural area. It seems like everything involves or revolves around drinking. My wife has been fighting alcoholism for years, and I will admit I drink too much at times also. Quitting is no easy task without major lifestyle changes.

It's been almost two months, and he's still alcohol free and loving it. He said he feels so much better and is definitely saving money. He's still hanging out with a couple of his close friends that stuck with him when he was at his worst, and is their DD now. I've been trying to think of things we can do that don't involve drinking to keep him from sitting in his house like a hermit. Last Friday night I took him and my youngest son to see John Wick 3. I convinced him to start cutting wood from our timber to sell at his house in town on an honor system for campers. Anything to keep him busy.

I have my fingers crossed that this will be long term. What's funny, is it makes my wife uncomfortable. She doesn't even like talking about it. My oldest 2 kids have been on her for years to quit drinking.
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