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Originally Posted by H8DWINGS View Post
He could exercise after work when most people are drinking. I PERSONALLY don't have a problem hanging out around people drinking. If hanging out with friends while they drink is a problem don't do it. If they want to hang out at the bars/clubs/lake drinking and your son can handle it without feeling peer pressure go do that. Also, buy a jeep like I did....the money will disappear again I've kind of always enjoyed working out. Maybe he likes to workout, or do a triathlon, or run, or hike and camp. I've never been to Iowa so if I moved there I'd have to make friends and find stuff to do. What would you tell me to do in your area other than drink beer and watch movies?
https://www.runningintheusa.com/race/list/ia/page-6 in case you want to do a run or triathlon.
UltraSignup - Races, Registration and Results will have trail events if you're more into that. Maybe staying up all dat and night running/walking is just as much fun as drinking until 5am. I mean....you're going to feel like a useless piece of shit the next morning anyways...might as well get an actual medal for it.

AS for the wife, well that's a totally different thing. I'm sure hanging out with your son cuts down on YOUR drinking. Maybe you're similar to me and you binge drink. Go a week, money, year, or 500 days without drinking but when you start it's back to drinking ALL the drink. Maybe the wife is uncomfortable for the reasons mentioned here. Fear of missing alcohol, fear of admitting you have a problem you can't control, or fear of losing friends who drink because you think you have to have all new friends who don't drink. I'm at least a good respectable alcoholic and I don't call people out for drinking too much, or drink their booze. I even found it easy to pack sodas or sparkling water with me to family dinners, then start "stockpiling" my stuff at family member's homes. Everone seems to have a spare fridge so I throw 4-6 drinks in there for me and most of the time the people who live there won't drink it.
He has a '76 blazer that keeps him busy, and two yellow labs. He has started to do some home projects, and has a nice house with a big garage on a double corner lot, so he has plenty of mowing and yard work to do. All of which are things he didn't take care of very well when he was drinking. He actually had someone stop by his house and trim his front bushes last year, because they were sick of how shitty they looked....

I drink on average two nights a week. Friday night I decompress and usually hit it pretty hard, usually with some friends in the driveway, one night a week I'll have a few with the Mrs. The wife, I have no idea how often she drinks, but according to the kids she hides it and it's almost every day. Her family has a long history of addiction problems, and she absolutely refuses to quit, ever. Or to even talk about it. She's a "run out or pass out" drinker, and has long term neck issues from falling down the stairs multiple times when she's drunk. I've given up on her ever changing, and just focus on me and the kids.
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