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Originally Posted by Tin Roof View Post
I drink on average two nights a week. Friday night I decompress and usually hit it pretty hard, usually with some friends in the driveway, one night a week I'll have a few with the Mrs. The wife, I have no idea how often she drinks, but according to the kids she hides it and it's almost every day. Her family has a long history of addiction problems, and she absolutely refuses to quit, ever. Or to even talk about it. She's a "run out or pass out" drinker, and has long term neck issues from falling down the stairs multiple times when she's drunk. I've given up on her ever changing, and just focus on me and the kids.
Go help the kid with his house stuff Friday nights. I'm sure he could use the help.

As for the wife...sounds familiar. Sounds like you're in my wife's shoes. Thankfully I don't have stairs or I'd have neck injuries from my wife pushing me for doing dumb shit drunk. The phrase "I love you except when you're drunk. I hate you when you're drunk." kind of sucked hearing...multiple times.
Thankfully I've never gone to the doctor and had them tell me to quit or else I'd probably avoid the doctor.
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