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Originally Posted by muddeprived View Post
I been avoiding posting here since my last one whenever the heck that was. I did stop for a few months then my ex moved out and I started up again.

I would like to stop and I am gonna try again. I guess I gotta somehow keep myself occupied and stay out cuz I the only place I drink is at home.
I'd just stay away from the ex.

Just do like everyone else here does. Look at how long it's been. Think of the streak you have going. What's the longest you've done anything? How many things have you quit? Getting old sucks. It kind of sucks admitting you've been doing it wrong for a while too. If you only drink at home just quit buying booze. I quit smoking because I quit buying cigarettes. The hard part of that was turning friends down when they asked if I wanted a smoke. Somehow drinking, or not drinking, is easier. It's just the shitty days I have at work where I can "get away from it all" for a few hours of drinking and maybe bring a smile to my face that get hard for me for the first few times they come up. I even told my wife so. "I could make all of this go away for a few hours and not have to deal with it." Doesn't change it happening or it going on. Might even help me deal with a family member death in the future because I watched my uncle drink it away when his dad died.
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