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Originally Posted by Thatg9659 View Post
Custy brought pos r title dodge journey in for ac condenser replacement. hundred & twenty6 doll hair diagnosis from dealer offers me 80 to "changa da part" whatever dumbass, after waiting 4 days for new sealing washers sawzalling the condenser section off the trans cooler section cause wrong cheap fuckin part, 2013 with 2008 rad support and cooling pack. start to charge system and it's pissing out immediately somehere under the firewall shelf. FUCK THOSE FUCKING DEALERSHIP TWATS!

I drive to the dealer with what's left of the old part and try to keep my cool while demanding a refund for my dumbass customer. Whole fucking hour and not one mile put on the car, no diagnosis of why cold air blows in winter only change ac condenser, $800 estimate, engine light is code p06dd oil pressure switch circuit fault, we sell you new sensor.

Did you even pull a vacuum on the system? did you pressure test it with nitrogen or GASP! shop air? He doesn't remember it sorry we've had a lot of ac work in it's gotten hot recently. Maybe if he would have done something he would remember. Yes I do know better than the dumbass engineers at chryco, dc, fca or whatever name they are calling themselves this year. the condensor gets hot, the trans cooler doesn't need to be preheated, notice they stopped doing that dumb shit around 2010-11 "oh your a mechanic?" Since I was 5, don't you see my hands? yeah I see your shorts, what can I say my boss isn't an uppity prick, "ok you need to go" BYE FELICIA!

your customers must be some dumb SOBs

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