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Jeep TJ not starting

My '06 Jeep TJ Rubicon with manual 6spd has been giving me problems for awhile now. One day it started cutting out and stalling on the way home. It will stop doing it and run great for awhile, then start again. Sometimes just the gauge cluster goes out, other times the engine dies. I'll pull it over, shut it off for a few seconds, then restart and it runs great. Tonight it just wanted to be a total pain in the ass and run for a few seconds and die. Every time I started it. I finally gave up and called a wrecker. I've replaced the battery cable ends, the battery and the ignition switch. I've checked all wiring that includes power and ground for both the cluster and the ECM, but it all looks good.

I've come to the conclusion that it's likely the ECM. I'm working on finding one, just afraid Rubicon might run a different ECM than a regular I6 manual Wrangler. I know the Chrysler dealer will program a fresh one for me, but they're going to want way more than a pull-n-save for an ECM.

The final question I have is if maybe it might be a "Theft Locking Engine Immobilizer"-issue. Like a weak key or controller. Would a non-responding key cause the engine to only run for a few seconds?
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