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Originally Posted by Action Fab View Post
So many hacks. I'm on a Fummins group on Facebook. For every 1 truck posted that looks like it might be done right. There are 15 trucks that have major execution flaws and hack.
Yup, a former coworker bought a decent little ppump 5.9 bus from his previous employer, and had a bare bones v8 gas 2wd super duty he wanted swapped. He paid a shop, and gave them his good used Ford stuff to hack it all in there. When it was done, he had a bus intercooler, a non lockup, non od allison with 3.73s and little tires. I tried to get him to use a super duty cooling stack and a dodge tranny, but he was saving money

Mine were pretty utilitarian, but clean enough, and easy to service afterwards, but I had a buddy who built a 70s ford crew with the dodge core support, dash, hvac, entire wiring harness, everything, inside was like a factory new 96 dodge, underhood was like a cross between a show car and a restored truck that was never built. He didn't spend anymore money, just a shit load of time
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