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I had posted because I wanted answers to two questions:

1) Does the theft system disable the engine after a few seconds of running?

2) Can I swap an ECM from a non Rubicon with standard and I6 and get it to play right without reprogramming?

I just gave a little background to show context.

I'm used to looking at schematics and finding problems in electrical systems. When I'm unsure of something that can't be answered by schematics, I ask simple questions to other A-techs who might have run across information I could use a that moment.

I believe the cluster is related to the engine dying because it's an intermittent problem that might not show for weeks, but when it does, it usually includes the cluster and the engine crapping out at the same time. Just not always.

I've been an A-tech most of my life. I was just wanting answers to two simple questions.

If we must make it a dick-measuring competition, I can show copies of my factory and ASE certifications. I would be very surprised if someone here had more.

I'm not a rookie or backyard hack. I'm just wanting answers to two questions. I hear people who don't know a damn thing about me insulting me, none have even tried to answer either question.
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